Tenga Zero Flip Hole

Tenga Zero Flip Hole
Tenga Zero Flip Hole ($249)

The famous Tenga Flip Hole has now been upgraded and turned into a vibrator for men. Yes, that’s right – one of the world’s most popular male masturbators now vibrates and buzzes your penis as well as stimulating it with it’s legendary ribbed and noduled suction sleeve. Like it’s predecessors, the Zero One is very easy to handle, as well as clean with its simple flip open clamshell design. The combination of the vacuum pressure stimulation AND vibration is one of the most intense experiences a male sex toy fan can currently enjoy.

Lovehoney O Force

o-forceLovehoney O Force ($49)
A genuine vibrator for men, this high quality masturbator from Lovehoney has 5 different vibration settings for you to play around with. Let the sleek silicone flexible sleeve engorge your penis and then feel the powerful vibrations run along the entire length of your shaft. This male sex toy is a unique combination of masturbator and vibrator. It has already earned some outstanding customer reviews and feedback, so you’re unlikely to be disappointed with this one!

Pulse Vibrator for Men

pulsePulse Vibrator ( $104)

The Pulse male masturbator is a state of the art sex toy for men – a genuine male vibrator that contains all the advanced features formerly only available for women.  The Pulse will engorge your entire length in its delicious inner sleeve, whilst sending wildly erotic pulses of vibrating pleasure all the way through your manhood, from your balls to your penis tip.

Fetish Fantasy Vibating Oral Sex Penis Sleeve

vibrating-penis-sleeveVibrating Penis Sleeve ($42)

A hands free 7 function vibrating penis sleeve for men, this comfortable and stretchy toy also fits snugly around the penis head for oral sex simulation.

A single button on the wired controller operates 7 different modes of powerful vibrations.

Comes with a blindfold for added pleasure through sensory deprivation!

Pipedream Extreme Vibrating Oral Toy

pipedream-vibrating-oralPipedream Vibrating Oral ($31)

Add plenty of lube to this classy oral masturbator and it will feel like you having your cock sucked by a tight wet mouth as you slide in and out.  But even better, a vibrating cock ring around the shaft tightens the sweet hole even more, while delivering a buzz that will soon have you shooting your load.

Nite Rider Vibrating Vagina for Men

Nite Rider Flesh VaginaNite Rider Flesh Vagina Vibrating Masturbator ($48)

The Nite Rider is a Fleshlight style pocket vagina with an added twist – at the base of the vagina there is a bullet vibrator to give your penis something extra to feel as you pound the soft flesh like pussy.

The speed of the bullet vibrator can be varied by the use of a controller – three speeds available.

Masturbation sleeve is 9″ of super soft and realistic stretchy skin like material.  Nodules and rings run down its entire length.

An excellent and cheap vibrating pussy toy.

Roto-Bator Review

roto-batorRoto-Bator Review ($93)

The Roto-Bator is a revolutionary new sex toy for men that doesn’t fall into the normal category of male masturbator.  It’s not quite a male vibrator but rather a male ‘rotator’.  The Roto-Bator is a soft masturbation sleeve with ‘fins’ lining it’s inner walls that tickle your penis as it spins around you at speed.

The Roto-Bator isn’t for everybody – some have found the sensation to be desensitising, others have found it to be quite out of this world.  If your penis gets de-sensitized easily when masturbating then this vibrator probably isn’t for you.  For other guys, so long as you lube it up well, the Roto-Bator will likely give your penis a thrill like nothing else.